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Steven Lovell is your local Healthcare Benefits Specialist, a licensed insurance professional that specializes in Medicare.

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Are You Missing Out On Additional Benefits?

We offer hassle-free, no-cost, no-obligation information for Medicare-eligible individuals!

You may have many questions about your healthcare options, and understand how you might be confused...

We Can help clear the fog on the following questions AND any additional questions that you might have and provide you with choices, options & solutions!

  • Annual Coordinated Election Period or Annual Enrollment Period or AEP?
  • Open Enrollment Periods (OEP)?
    Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)?
  • What Medicare Does and Doesn't Cover, Co-Pays & Deductibles?
  • What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan & Its Advantages vs Disadvantages?
  • What Is A Medicare Supplement, A Medigap, A HMO, A POS, Or A PPO?
  • What Is The Donut Hole ("The Black Hole")?
  • What To Do In The Coverage Gap?
  • Medications Not On Your Formulary?
  • Generics vs. Preferred Generics?
  • Formulary Determinations and Appeals?
  • Deductions From Social Security Checks For Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B?
  • Low-Income Subsidies - Do You Qualify? (How and Where to Apply)
  • How You May Be Able To Qualify For Help With Prescription Cost?
  • How You May Be Able To Qualify For Added Benefits, If You Have Heart Disease, Diabetes or COPD?
  • Find Out If Value Added Benefits Such As: Vision, Dental, Gym Benefits & OTC Benefits Are Available In Your County?
  • What To Do If You Qualify For Both Medicare & Medicaid & How To Find Out?
  • What Are The Penalties for Late-Enrollment For Medicare Part B Or For A Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan
  • What To Do If You Work Past Age 65 & Still Have Health Coverage At Work OR Thru Your Spouse?

Are you finding the world of healthcare benefits, Dental Plans, Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans a bit more complex than you first imagined?

Did you know that you may have options to switch or change to a different healthcare plan during the year under certain qualifying circumstances? Everyone can change healthcare plans during AEP (Oct 15th - Dec 7th Every Year) and during OEP (Jan 1st - March 31st Every Year) those on MAPD's can switch plans once or even decide to return to Medicare Only...

You may also be able to change during other times during the year: If you move to a new area, have COPD, heart problems, diabetes or if you need extra help because of limited resources! To find out about additional benefits and your options, reach out to Steven via call, text, or email.

By the way, if you are turning 65, you have a 7-month window to sign up without penalty (different rules apply if still working with health coverage or have coverage through your spouse). Reach out to us - You have options & may even have additional benefits available & not even know it!

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